The Pros and Cons of What the Internet Can Do

Nowadays, if we think of any technology in this world, it depends on the internet. The Internet has become a global network which provides us every kind of information which exists in this world.

People use the internet for many purposes and it depends on the person how he/she is approaching the internet. People can use the internet in two different ways, that is the right way and wrong way. There are various effects that people can get in both ways. People can use the internet for study purposes, knowledge, ideas and technology. People also use the internet in the wrong way that they become totally dependant on it and forget the real world.

The internet depends on a person how he/she uses it. But these things about the internet are very significant to know every internet user.

The Pros of the Internet

  • Access To Unlimited Information

The Internet is a worldwide network where you can get any information which you want. The Internet provides different types of ideas and knowledge related to education, technology, communication facilities, etc. The Internet provides millions of websites through which you can access these topics. Per day, this facility of internet helps billions of people to better understandings of any ideas. The Internet also provides some information which people do not know before.

  • Wide Range of Entertainments

The Internet also helps people to get out of any depression or tensions by providing unlimited entertainment. For that kind of person, who always entertainments in their life, through the internet, they can get it. On the internet, there are many things through which you can entertain yourself. For example, you can any movie, games, music, videos, books, software, etc. Nowadays, the internet has completely changed the way of entertainment.

  • More Stuff in Less Time

The internet has made easier than before doing any works in its way. There are so many tasks which are not possible to do without the internet and if you do so, it will take so much time. Suppose you have to submit your college fee urgently and you are not present there at every time. So what will you do? At this time, the internet will help you to submit your fee. When the internet was not established, before that, people usually wrote letters for communication and it took much time. But now, the internet provides a digital way for communication i.e. email, social media, etc. You can also do bank stuff in less time through the internet.

  • Marketing and Bussiness

The commercialization of the internet has made marketing and business easier. The internet has shifted marketing and business on a high platform. You can promote your business on the internet without doing any physical work. A digital way of marketing and business will provide you more customers in less time. Along with these, you can also apply for jobs.

  • Online Shopping

In the present time, the internet also fulfills your wishes at your home. Through the internet, you can buy anything which you needed. There are so many shopping websites where you can search for your goods and order at your home.

  • Online Education

Teaching- Nowadays, the internet has made education easier and more digital. There are so many online education websites that provide education at your home. Many online coaching classes run through the internet. This way of learning and teaching is developing per day in the world.

Examination- Before the internet facilities, there was a system of pen and paper mode of examination which cost more than now.

Saving Environment- Online education also saves our environment. Now, there is less use of papers and all, so the trees are getting saved.

The Cons of The Internet

  • A Ground for Illegal Activity

The internet is also used for any illegal activities. Through the internet, different kinds of information are spread about burglaries, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, many other types of crimes. These illegal activities are increasing day by day. These activities are very harmful to a society or a country.

  • Compromises Personal Information

On the internet, when you are searching for something, your personal information and activities are stolen by some hackers. Through this personal information, you might be tortured anytime or you might be getting in trouble. Hacks usually use your personal information for illegal activities. One of the greatest problems regarding personal information is that hackers can trace your communication and activities. You might have noticed it that when you are talking to buy something with someone on a mobile phone, that thing would appear on your phone is a form of ads. Bank information, social networks, etc can also be hacked by hackers and they can commit fraud with you anytime.

  • The Internet is An Addiction

The internet fulfills every wish of yours and you get addicted to it. Many people cannot live without the internet. The internet is so addictive that it can drown you into it. It is like sand, whenever you try to get out of it, it will not let you do so easily. So, always try to use the internet in a limit.

  • The World is Becoming Dependent

From when the internet has introduced, people have become dependent on it. People use the internet in every kind of easy or tough task. For example, keeping medical records, educational records, financial records, etc on the internet is not a great thing. By chance, if your system gets hacked by someone, you may lose every record and you might fall in huge trouble.

  • Pornographic and Violent Images

In this digital age, the internet is getting used in the wrong ways. As we know that on the internet, we can get anything which we want. So, there are so many people who use the internet for pornography and vulnerable things.

After being acquainted with the merits and demerits of the internet, you must train ourselves in such a manner that we may get more benefits from the internet. At this age when we have easy access to all the information through the internet, we need to be careful.

Larry King