Sex and Dating Websites: Are they safe?

If we look at our evolution then it is evidenced that our existence is all because of sex. Though it’s a taboo in most cultures around the world however we can’t deny the fact that our mere presence on this planet is due to this. Apart from being the necessary fact of our existence it also forms the basis of human needs and desires. When we go back to our grandparent’s time probably around 50 to 70 years back the age for marriage was around 15 to 18 years maximum. However, in the present time, this has been increased, so the development of sexual desire and needs in the human body has also got an extension as people do not get married in early these days.

As of now the trend of dating could be seen as an alternative to fulfill one’s desire for sexual needs also. So these days it has become very trendy and popular. The dating apps and websites are even used to fix marriages these days. However, as far as the safety of these apps and websites is considered there is a kind of security but at the same time, there are chances of greater risk as well as you do not get to see or meet your partner in person in the beginning until you plan to meet after a while.

Therefore it is quite possible that you become the victim of a fraud and may be cheated easily as there are people these days who purposely make accounts on these dating sex and dating websites (Read this Mashable article and know the top dating website today) to extract money or something else which is valuable form the person. Therefore it is suggested to be very alert of such people to eliminate such crimes to happen to you.


What is dating?

Dating simply means meeting people casually to spend some time. On the other hand dating, someone is seeing someone in particular regularly and for a specific reason. Through the process of dating both people try to know each other and understand their relation.

Dating means going out with someone to spend some time in particular, in other words, it means to be with the specified person. There’s a difference between dating and dating someone. Commonly it is understood as when two people are involved in a romantic relation. In other words, it is the process where a couple explores each other and know each other better.


What is sex?

Sexual intercourse in human beings is commonly called as sex. So basically it is a human emotion or a feeling that comes from the physical relations that they form. Speaking more scientifically it is the process of insertion of the male sexual organ that is the penis into the female sexual organ that is the vagina. This process of sexual intercourse or sex is done both for pleasures as well as for the reproduction of human beings, as this the source of sexual reproduction among human beings.


What are dating websites?

Dating websites are online or internet dating area. It is a platform basically where people come to meet and know other people. The main idea is to bring them together which is finding someone for themselves for an informal or personal relationship. These kinds of relationships include a goal to have a personal, romantic and sexual bond.

On the dating websites, a person can search for his or her desired type partner and make the match. It has its benefits as people have a lot of choices. Then no one knows anyone and the website, this provides a platform to know each and develop a bonding. There is no pressure on anyone to be bound or committed to someone. Everybody has the freedom to choose their partner openly without any restrictions.


What are the various kinds of dating websites?

There are various kinds of dating websites that one can join over the internet. It depends upon the choice of the person. Some people make use of several dating websites at the same time. In other words, nowadays people create their accounts on more than one dating website to get their perfect match easily. As soon as they find their partner they start to date and they may leave their profile on the websites if they want or may continue with it, it all depends upon them.


What is the significance of sex?

Sex is something which is thought only to be pleasurable but little did people care to note down the fact that it leads to various hormonal, body and mood changes. Scientists have also proposed various researches that apart from being the source of evolution it is the bodily needs of human beings being.

The need for sexual intercourse is not only affirmed to humans but various other beings as well. People generally do not talk about it freely as they do consider it immoral. However, the significance of it can easily be found in the ancient period. Kama sutra which is a treaty of love put down all the purposes it fulfills as well as the requirements of various gender and person. So instead of being merely a source of pleasure, it is a source of acceptance, completeness, being loved and more or less psychologically influencing activity as it is thought to boost up the person emotionally.

After a certain age, the human needs of sex emerge and if not acquired it becomes a hindrance in their personal and professional life and if we look at the ancient time it also forms the basis for attaining enlightenment in away. So for leading a normal life sex is as much important as any other daily activity. In other words, people need to live happily.


Are sex and dating websites safe?

The sex and dating websites have their privacy policy that they have made to ensure that no fake person can avail to the personal information of the people from their sites but the problem with such sites is that they are public. This means that the people who have put their bio or made an account on these websites know that the information will be publically open to all as it will allow them to find matches. But due to this openness, many times problems do occurs and crimes take place, so it can be said that such websites are not completely safe and secure.


Some tips to stay safe from the crimes that take place over online dating and sex websites:

Some of the basic preventive measures are as follows:

  • You should report the dating apps or websites whenever you feel that the account of the person you are searching for is fake or false. The authorities would investigate to find the reality of the profile.
  • Always check or verify the authenticity of the person before you get involved. You can also check and verify the fake or stolen photos using some apps to know if the person is real or fake.
  • Never share any kind of unreasonable pictures or videos with the person you have met online as this may lead to many kinds of problems in the future if the person is not true. Also sometimes the websites are hacked so it is not at all suggested to do so.
  • Avoid sharing your personal information related to your banking services and personal family life without meeting or at the initial levels of your dating.
  • Always be alert and smart when you talk to the person on such apps and websites. Ask for their personal information like their full names, belongingness, etc. In other words, try to find out as many details as you can so that you do not become a cheating victim.
  • Some people will bond with you very emotionally and may demand some money by depicting fake problems. Avoid all these conditions and possibilities.
  • Always seek the genuine third person’s advice for checking the authenticity of the person as they will not give you wrong opinions if they are genuine as they are not emotionally involved with the online partners that you choose so they will better judge the situation.


Dating and sex websites are online applications. So we do not get to see the face of the person until we decide to meet them. So there are chances of online scams; because such apps or websites are open for all. Therefore anybody can access it. So the people are free to mention the details and are free to write whatever they want to display about themselves. However, if they are the same person as the state can not be judged online. So there could be fake details as well that should be very carefully checked. At the same time, the sex websites may demand some private pictures at times which can be misused in any manner. So it is very essential to take care of yourself and follow some preventive measures to keep yourself safe and free from any of the related crimes.

Larry King