How to Maximize Your Soft Jelly Dildo’s Flexibility

Jelly dildos are soft, comfortable and reward you with intense orgasmic frenzy. You can use them while flying solo and they can also be enjoyed with a partner. One of the best advantages of these toys is their smooth and tender build that allows the dildo to glide easily into your nether regions. Both the vagina and anus are delicate organs. Thus, when you are using a dildo for the first time, you have to make sure the toy is never too hard on these areas. A soft jelly dildo thus makes a great choice here, especially if you are a novice user. Added to the plush softness, the amazing flexibility of the jelly dildo makes it a great pick for dildo users.

Are you too planning to use a jelly dildo? That’s great as apart from the perks mentioned above, these toys are also some of the most affordable ones in the current market. But, then, you should understand the “flexibility” quotient of a jelly dildo is a crucial aspect here. If the dildo loses out on its flexibility, it will only succumb into a jelly ball of nothingness. So, you should be careful about proper maintenance of the flexibility of your jelly dildo.

Be mindful about cleaning

You must have heard that some dildos can be disinfected in boiling water. Well, that’s not the case with jelly dildos. In other words, you should not ever put the jelly dildos into boiling water. You should not ever bring it into contact with fire or any heated surface, lest the whole toy will be destroyed. In regards to cleaning, all you would have to do wipe it with a soft clean cloth soaked in soapy water.

Keep it safe

Your jelly dildo should be handled with great care. A single prick or thud can do much harm to the tender toy. Make sure the toy is away from any sharp items like scissor or knife. You should also trim down your nails while using a jelly dildo.

Use it often

According to experts, you should use the dildo often to maintain the flexibility of the jelly. If you don’t use it regularly, the jelly will lose out on its flexibility and you will be left with a futile product.

Store it safe

You should clean your jelly dildo before and after every use. After you clean it, let it dry. Air-dry is the best option here. Do not ever keep it under sunlight or any strong light source to dry it up. After the toy is all-dry, you should store it in a cool and dry place.

Top jelly dildos for you

You must be curious now to get your own soft jelly dildo. The good thing is, the post below offers a brief on some of the best jelly dildos available in the current market. However, before you proceed, you might want to check out this jelly dildo collections from

Doc Johnson Double Dong

Have you heard about double dildos? Well, these are dildos that can be bent and used both vaginally and anally simultaneously. It can also be used by two partners sitting face-to-face at one time. Sounds interesting, right? Do you wish to try it? This Doc Johnson Double Dong is all that you will need here.

The dildo boasts a long 18” shaft which assures easy penetration two-ways. If you are craving for double penetration and that too with a jelly dildo, look no further. This Doc Johnson toy will be your ultimate pick for sure. The toy features a pliable make and you can easily insert it inside your anus and vagina at the same time. The toy is flexible yet firm that allows a strong hold and prevents fast slippage.

Healthy Vibes Perfect Violet

Do you wish to add some color to your dildo play, this toy from Healthy Vibes is sure to blow your mind way. It comes in a sexy violet shade which will set the perfect prelude to your intimate sessions. And that’s not all, the dildo features an extremely realistic design, thanks to its veiny patterns all across the body.  Users have happily reported of heightened sensation and bouts of rich orgasms every time the ribbed structure went into their delicate nether regions.

In regards to length, the toy boasts a 7” insertable length. So, it’s certainly not for the novice users. If you are a seasoned users who craves for solid girth but do not want the overt toughness of big metal or glass toys, this dildo would be perfect for you. The toy is firm yet soft and extremely comfortable. Moreover, the dildo carries a solid suction cup which assures easy hands-free play anytime. You can also use it in shower.

Jelly Slim Adam & Eve Dildo

Are you looking for a dildo for a fascinating anal play? If you haven’t tried out dildo in the anus before, you should always start with a small one. And this is where this Jelly Slim toy would be your absolute pick.

As its name says, this toy is strategically engineered to be sleek and small with 5.5” insertable length to make things easier and safer for beginners. Besides, the toy features an intelligent flared base that will prevent the dildo from getting lost inside your rectum. Then, mention must be made of the pleasurable veiny details all across the dildo body that promises excellent stimulation every single time.

The toy is made from high quality TPR jelly that makes firm but also  adequately flexible to ensure fast insertion.

So, you have a curated list of some of the best jelly dildos in the market here. Always make sure to check reviews and ratings before buying a dildo. Once again, when you are a beginner, you should always try with a small size and never go beyond 6” of insertable length. Then, always use a premium lubricant when you use a jelly dildo for smooth and friction-less insertion. Water-based dildos would be good option here. Finally, avoid generic stores and always buy your jelly dildo from a reputed adult toy store.

Larry King